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Our Animals

Our main focus at Friendly Fibers Farm is to produce healthy, happy, and quality animals. Our goals for our sheep and rabbits are to have friendly animals who are easy to handle and have high quality fiber. Our fowl (geese and ducks) goals are to have healthy and quality birds from diverse lines while working towards getting all offspring within breed standard. Our goals for our Rough Collies are to have healthy, diverse, breed standard working lines. All of our stock is healthy and happy. We are continuously working to improve our lines with each passing season.

shetland sheep, fine fleece, NASSA registered

We love Shetland sheep because they are hardy, smaller in stature, and have a variety of wool types within the breed standard. They are also one of only 3 primitive breeds of sheep.

sebastopol geese, geese, hatching eggs, goslings,

We were captivated by the Sebastopol goose. The looks, personality, and size are a great fit here at the farm. All of our poultry are pasture raised.

We adore the rough collies because of their intelligence and their versatility. We needed a working dog, but not one with the work ethic of a border collie. Their versatility makes them great as family pets and working dogs.


We also have Cayuga ducks. We love to have dual purpose breeds. All of our poultry are pasture raised.


We have decided to pause our breeding program at this time. If you are interested in this excellent breed of rabbit, we can connect you with other quality breeders. German Angora rabbits over the other Angora breeds because they are the easiest of the Angoras to maintain. We also love the strength of their fiber and that they are wool producing machines.

german angora rabbit, fine fiber, angora fiber,
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