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Our Rough Collies

We love the Rough Collie breed! They have been a perfect fit for our small farm and for our family. Their ability to help with jobs around the farm as well as being excellent companions to our kids has really influenced our decision to pursue preserving and improving the breed. With how difficult we found it to be to find genetically healthy collies, we decided to breed only to improve the health, temperament, and working instincts of the collie breed. There are a few common genetic disorders that continue to be passed down through breeding programs focused on breeding only for physical traits. While we agree with adhering to the Rough Collie breed standards set forth by AKC, we feel like breeding for the future health of the breed is most important. That is why we are working toward only breeding Rough Collies that have been genetically tested and are clear of any genetic disorders that could be carried on. All of our collies are raised on our farm and are exposed to multiple types of stimuli starting at an early age in order to produce well socialized and resilient farm and family companions.


If you are interested in a Rough Collie puppy from our farm, please complete the puppy questionnaire form at the link below so that we can match you with the best puppy for your needs. We'll update our website and Facebook page to let you know when we have the next litter planned. Everyone that completes a questionnaire will get notified of the litter before the announcement is published. Deposits will be accepted once a litter is confirmed.

Rough Collie Puppy Questionnaire

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