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Our Geese

Our Sebastopol Geese come from diverse lines and have multiple colors represented. We plan to have hatching eggs available in early in spring and goslings available in mid to late spring. Check out our breeding pairs below. Get in touch with us if you'd like to be added to the waiting list for eggs for goslings. 

Breeding Pair #1

This is Jude and Laura! They are my only pure white breeding pair.

sebastopol, geese, goose
sebastopol goose

Breeding Pair #3

Gaston again and the beautiful Belle.

sebastopol goose, geese
sebastopol goosee, geese

Breeding Pair #2

This is Gaston he is a lucky guy and will be housed with 2 ladies this season. This beauty here is Angelique.

sebastopol goose, geese
sebastopol, goose, geese
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